Amelioration of Conditions for Companies

The aim of Union of Entrepreneurs and Employers is to initiate and support all activities toward elimination from Polish legislation of business activity limitations which go beyond EU requirements, and thus balance the competition inequity between Polish and European entrepreneurs.

ZPP has been created as a consequence of lack of consent for the fact that 99.8% of Polish companies, which give work to 3/4 of Poles and generate 67% of Polish GDP have to operate in unfavourable legal environment.

Experience proofs that we can influence the decisions of governing politicians only by means of pressure of organised groups and public opinion. They won't do anything on they own.

We have achieved significant successes in this field!


  • monitor the legislation process concerning entrepreneurs,
  • do projects and campaigns supporting specific, entrepreneurs friendly solutions for Polish companies,
  • lobby positive solutions and actions freeing Polish entrepreneurs from bureaucracy and tangled law. We reach decision-makers directly, and we operate in the media and in the Internet,
  • support actions towards building positive image of entrepreneurs,
  • do educational projects and actions for leaders of public opinion, society and youth.

Join the fight for amelioration of legal and institutional conditions for the SME sector in Poland!

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