Cooperation with ZPP

Please note that ZPP deals mainly with the economic matters. We work in other fields only in the truly unique cases. If you wish to cooperate in topics other than economy, please contact our foundation – Warsaw Enterprise Institute.

We are open for cooperation with almost everyone.

We are open for contacts with:

• experts from various fields (i.a. economic law),
• entrepreneurs who want to establish ZPP in their region or with local organisations willing to join us,
• companies which want to establish a sector organisation or existing companies willing to join us,
• with entrepreneurs who are interested in starting local internet service.

We are interested in:

• ideas for the specific-areas-based ameliorations of the economic law in Poland,
• supporting medial education projects,
• social initiatives promoting freedom and common sense.

Please note that we do not grant free-of-charge support to commercial events. In accordance with our profile, we provide such support only to the non-profit projects.

We do not advertise or sell any services and products of our Members, no matter how good they are. Please, do not contact us with such propositions.

You can find the map of contacts of ZPP here.

If you still need assistance in finding the right contact – I will guide you:

Contact Office

phone/ 22 826 08 31