Forum of Small and Big Business Cooperation

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Forum of Small and Big Business Cooperation

The mission of the Forum is to build relation, understanding and cooperation between small and big business. The Forum gathers business, science and administration experts. Issues tackled within the Forum concern: building of dialogue and economic cooperation between big companies and SME sector, which positively influences development of Polish market, liquidation of barriers of performing business activity, and development of entrepreneurship and innovation in Poland.


Goals of the Forum:

  • Creation of a platform for dialogue between big and small companies, experts and administration;

  • Raising awareness about mutual influence and connections between SME and big companies. Explaining the direct and indirect role of domestic and foreign investments;

  • Research on entrepreneurship;

  • Propelling the concept of entrepreneurship;

  • Analyses of Polish entrepreneurship attitude regarding history, psychology, social science and economy;

  • Supporting and initiating all activity towards elimination from Polish legislation of business activity limitations.


Cooperation will be based on exchange of experience between entrepreneurs, both from the SME sector and from big companies, on doing research, preparing expertises and reports for the decision-makers and entrepreneurs.

Work of the Forum will focus on seminaries, workshops, presentations of recommendations of solutions, reports and analyses, current commentaries of the media experts. One of the aims of the Forum is also to create a Good Practices Code for corporations-SME sector relations.


Coordinating team: 

Jacek Dymowski, PhD, an expert on sustainable development and responsible management of enterprises,
Bartłomiej Gorlewski, PhD, an economist and entrepreneur,
Konrad Ciesiołkiewicz, an expert on social perspective of business activity,
Tomasz Kopacz, an entrepreneur,
Małgorzata Krajewska, an economist, expert on regulatory policy,
Tomasz Górnicki, an expert on innovation and new technologies,
Karol Reczkin, an expert on European policies and regulations,
Mikołaj Różycki, expert on NGO, education and cooperation between different sectors.




Maja Charenza
Department of Relations Secretary
+48 22 826 08 31





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