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Union of Railway Employers joins Union of Entrepreneurs and Employers



Another trade organisation joined the Union of Entrepreneurs and Employers lately – the Union of Railway Employers.

The organization established in 2001 has been operating since 2001 and currently has 30 members – companies belonging to the URE employ as of now approximately 90 thousand people.

The URE is a self-governing organization independent in its statutory activity from bodies of the state administration or the territorial government as well as from political, social and professional organisations.

The main goal of the Union is to protect the rights and represent the interests of the associated members in talks with trade unions, state institutions and administration as well as bodies of the territorial government.

The Union is an active participant in social dialogue within the Tripartite Team for the Railway. It influences the shaping of legislation concerning the interests of employers associated in the Union, through participation in the committee sessions of Sejm and Senate (lower and upper chambers of the Polish Parliament, respectively). It also participates in the creation of social mechanisms for resolving collective disputes with employers associated in the Union and represents employers in negotiations with the social side and in mediation proceedings.

It supports employers by organising legal, economic, and organisational consultations. Recognising the needs of its members, it takes care of the development of the competencies of the managerial staff, including through the organisation and financial support of life-long learning (post-graduate studies). The Union initiates and supports cultural and social activities, as well as undertakes charity in the area related to the activity of its members. It also pays particular attention to nurturing the rich railway traditions

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