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One of the benefits offered to our Members is the INFORMATIONAL PACKAGE. It includes:

  • Law and Legislation Bulletin issued every week. The bulletin tackles the issue of changes in law, legislation and financing projects and companies,
  • ZPP Newsletter (every two weeks),
  • access to the government projects of legal acts on early stage of their proceeding. Access to the Regulatory Impact Assessments prepared by the Department of Law and Legislation of ZPP,
  • reports, handbooks, elaborates (including Entrepreneurs' Rights Catalogue),
  • regular information about grants and European founds,
  • free-of-charge consultations and information in the institutions of ZPP.

Soon we will grant access to:

  • base of specimens of legal and lawsuit documents – over 100 of the most-often-used specimens,
  • on-line legal advice and base of legal advice.


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