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We are a broad-ranging coalition of European stakeholders from the digital advertising and media ecosystem, including digital media publishers, content creators, communications agencies, technology providers, eCommerce businesses, entrepreneurs, and software developers. As the European Parliament moves to finalise its position on the proposed Digital Services Act (DSA), we respectfully voice our firm opposition to the ban on targeted advertising that has been put forward by some political groups…

ZPP’s comment on the proposal to establish a global CIT tax

The Union of Entrepreneurs and Employers is concerned that initiatives aimed at harmonizing tax regimes on a global scale might be detrimental to the competitiveness of the Polish economy. Moreover, the proposals to establish a global minimum CIT tax are unlikely to solve the problem of tax base erosion and the use of aggressive optimization mechanisms.

The Union of Entrepreneurs and Employers launched a project to help companies from Belarus in cooperation with the city of Łódź

The Union of Entrepreneurs and Employers (ZPP) has launched a Contact Point for Entrepreneurs from Belarus, the purpose of which is to provide comprehensive organisational assistance to Belarusians interested in investing in Poland, including temporarily relocating their business. The project is a joint venture with the city of Łódź…

Polish entrepreneurs are hoping that the CJEU will recognize the so-called „VAT paid sooner” (PL: szybki VAT) on intra-Community acquisitions of fuel, which is a pillar of the government’s regulatory package known as the “fuel package”, as compliant with EU law

Fuel industry organizations (Polish Chamber of Liquid Gas – PIGP, Polish Chamber of Liquid Fuels – PIPP, Polish Petroleum Industry and Trade Organization – POPiHN, Polish LNG and BioLNG Platform – PPLNG ) and Union of Entrepreneurs and Employers – ZPP, took a position in a case pending before the CJEU, regarding the compliance of Polish VAT-14 regulations with EU law (C-855/19)…
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