Health Forum of ZPP

Forum Zdrowia (Health Forum) is a response to the current needs of companies in the healthcare sector. “Health” itself is a particularly sensitive area that we approach with special attention and understanding of the situation.

  • Promoting the healthcare sector: We emphasize that health is the most important element of economic development for every country, and all decisions made in this area by the authorities should be aimed at ensuring safety and therapeutic benefits for patients.
  • We are for entrepreneurs: We listen to the opinions of entrepreneurs and employers in the healthcare market, develop, prepare, and publish expert documents and reports aimed at developing specific systemic solutions for drug policy in Poland.
  • Active voice to decision-makers: We cooperate with stakeholders by addressing current topics through meetings and dialogues with representatives of the government and healthcare institutions.
  • Educational campaigns: We develop and implement programs in various areas related to health, with the aim of prevention and education in this field.
  • Organizing environmental events: We prepare regular meetings, debates, round tables, and conferences that address current issues and problems related to health prevention and the current drug policy of the country.
  • Networking: Forum Zdrowia is a place for dialogue, establishing relationships, and exchanging past experiences among participants in the entire health market, including industry companies, stakeholders, patient organizations, and media representatives.

The schedule of activities of the Forum Zdrowia ZPP is constantly updated and established based on the current situation as well as the needs of entrepreneurs who are members of the Forum. The Director of the Forum Zdrowia ZPP is Aleksandra Sienkiewicz:    





Commentary of the Union of Entrepreneurs and Employers on the amendment to the EU pharmaceutical law


Memorandum of the Union of Entrepreneurs and Employers: Making use of the potential of Ukrainian and Polish digitalisation in the healthcare sector



Tomasz Kaczyński
Chief Expert in Pharmaceutical Law

Aleksandra Sienkiewicz  
Director of the ZPP Health Forum 

Agnieszka Szpara   
Chief Healthcare Expert

In terms of content, the Health Forum collaborates, among others, with the law firms Rymarz, Zdort, Maruta, Wachta, Gasiński, Her, and Partners.