ZPP foreign offices

Office in Brussels



Representation of the Union of Entrepreneurs and Employers (ZPP) to the EU represents interests of the Polish enterprise sector. It deals with general matters concerning all enterprises, it also works within sectors present in ZPP. The ZPP representatives in Brussels are responsible for maintaining relations with the most important EU institutions and stakeholders in economic matters.

One of the key areas of their activity is integration and cooperation with other employers' organisations from Central and Eastern Europe. When working with the most important legislative projects (concerning general and sector matters) they will perform together with other entities.

Union of Entrepreneurs and Employers ZPP Representation to the European Union, Rue de Pascale 22 1040 Brussels

Director: Agata Boutanos (a.boutanos@zpp.net.pl)


Office in Kyiv




Nazarii Volianskyi – Director of the ZPP Office in Ukraine (Kyiv). In 2023 he was appointed as the Head of the International Relations and Communications Department at UkraineInvest, the Government of Ukraine’s Investment Promotion Agency. During his tenure, he developed a communications strategy, raised UkraineInvest’s profile in the European and US markets, and launched a media campaign to attract private capital to Ukraine. He explained to international investors the role of UkraineInvest in Ukraine’s post-war reconstruction. In 2021 he was appointed Director of Corporate Communications at the Ukrainian Chamber of Commerce and Industry (UCCI). During his time at the UCCI, his main focus was to enhance the brand of the chamber system both in Ukraine and globally. This involved establishing communication with UCCI members, regional offices, and local authorities, as well as organizing various events to increase UCCI’s visibility in the information space. In total, he has more than 10 years of experience in journalism. He has worked as an editor for leading Ukrainian TV channels and news agencies. He created a special English-language project called Spotlight Ukraine on one of the country’s most popular TV channels, Espresso. Developed a communication strategy and special courses for veteran entrepreneurs and promoted veteran associations and businesses at the national level. He also moderates international and national forums, participates in panel discussions and other events. Nazarii’s areas of expertise are government relations, strategic communications, investment, economics, media relations, crisis communications, corporate communications, public affairs, event management, digital marketing.

Maidan Plaza (Майдан Плаза)
Maidan Nezalezhnosti 2 (Майдан Незалежності 2)
01 001, Kyiv (Київ)

Nazarii Volianskyi – Director of the ZPP Office in Ukraine (n.volianskyi@zpp.net.pl)


The programme addresses this goal within three main areas of activity:
  1. establishing direct B2B (business-to-business) relationships between Polish and Ukrainian entrepreneurs, thus opening up opportunities for Polish companies in Ukraine;
  2. help Ukrainian companies that wish to expand their operations to the European market through their presence in Poland by means of their relocation to Poland;
  3. preparation of a framework for attracting Polish capital and Polish privately held companies to the post-war economic reconstruction of Ukraine.

The foreign office in Kyiv, under the supervision of the Union’s Warsaw headquarters, implements these tasks by means of dialogue and direct contacts with the Ukrainian government, local authorities and leading Ukrainian business associations, during high-level public events as well as through a pro-active presence in Ukrainian media.
The key partners of the Union’s office in Kyiv are the European Business Association (EBA), the Union of Ukrainian Entrepreneurs (SUP) and the Ukrainian Chamber of Commerce and Industry.