Digital Forum of ZPP

The Digital Forum of ZPP focuses on supporting the development of the digital sector in Poland and the EU. The primary goal of the Forum is to support legislators in creating the best possible conditions for the development of the Polish and European digital economy.

  • Creating a favorable business environment for the digital sector through dialogue and cooperation with various stakeholders: The Digital Forum, through its participation in social consultations and active shaping of expert debates, supports the creation of an attractive regulatory and institutional environment for the development of the digital economy;
  • Supporting digital entrepreneurship and start-ups: One of our goals is to support the digitization of businesses and government administration, as well as to foster the development of the start-up ecosystem;
  • Building relationships with government institutions and industry organizations to represent the interests of the digital sector: We achieve our goals to a large extent through long-standing relationships with government institutions and industry organizations with whom we work on a daily basis;
  • Creating networking opportunities and establishing business partnerships: In addition to our substantive activities in creating publications, the Digital Forum organizes events of various formats, including debates, roundtable discussions, and full-day conferences. Each of these formats provides an excellent opportunity for networking and developing business relationships;
  • Creating a platform for the exchange of experiences, knowledge, and information among Forum members: In addition to regulatory and public affairs activities, the Digital Forum carries out educational projects and social campaigns that support the safe development of the digital economy in Poland and the European Union.

The program of the Digital Forum of ZPP is based on one fundamental assumption: Poland and Europe need a competitive regulatory environment for the digital economy in order to continue to grow. Therefore, we advocate against overregulation and in favor of fair competition conducted on equal terms.  




Joint Association Letter on Artificial Intelligence Act





Report by the Union of Entrepreneurs and Employers: The Digital Single Market and its future in the context of development opportunities for the Polish SME sector





Michał Boni
Były Minister Administracji i Cyfryzacji w latach 2011–2013

Michał Kanownik
President of the Management Board of the Digital Poland Association

Expert of the Digital Forum of ZPP

Paulina Szkoła  

Director of the Digital Forum of ZPP
email: p.szkoł

Przemysław Mikus
Wiceprezes SoDA – Software Development Association Poland,
Ekspert Forum Cyfrowego ZPP