Energy and Climate Forum of ZPP

The Energy and Climate Forum of the ZPP focuses on activities within the broad energy and gas market, ensuring the country’s and region’s energy security, building energy efficiency, and supporting the fight against climate change.

  • Shaping energy and climate policy: We create a platform for dialogue between political decision-makers, representatives of companies and international organizations, formulating recommendations for national and regional energy strategies.
  • Improving business conditions: We work towards improving the conditions for conducting business for participants in the energy industry, as well as electricity and gas consumers. We review legal solutions and create a business environment while taking into account energy security issues.
  • Promoting pro-climate actions: We support entrepreneurs interested in building energy efficiency, reducing carbon footprint, acquiring green energy, and demand flexibility, supporting their active role in the energy transition.
  • Positioning content and active advocacy: We promote good practices in the energy and gas market, comment on proposed and processed legislative acts, moderate public debate on current energy-related issues, and create a center for establishing contacts and exchanging experiences.
  • Education and development: We conduct training projects and informational campaigns, organize conferences, debates, and round tables, evaluate the effectiveness of state bodies’ actions, and identify areas that require further development and investment.

The Energy and Climate Forum of the ZPP’s action program focuses on building the competitiveness of the Polish economy by supporting the development of entrepreneurs in the model of sustainable use of energy resources and rational management of existing potential in the light of the applicable international legal order.




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Joanna Tobolewicz
Director of Forum Energy and Climate ZPP

Włodzimierz Ehrenhalt
Chief Energy Expert