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The issue of the rule of law, both in terms of the definition of this concept and its practical application in the context of current political events, has been the subject of dispute for a long time between institutions of the European Union and certain member states, including Poland…

Open letter of the Union’s President to Polish Business

Ladies and Gentlemen, Presidents of the Board, CEOs, Owners! Our community is a highly diverse one. We are guided by different interests, views, and political sympathies. In this case, however, we should present a unified front – to stop the pandemic from spreading and prevent a severe lockdown. According to what our policymakers are saying – a lockdown or re-opening the economy – both depend on the number of diagnosed cases and the efficiency of the healthcare system…

Union’s position on lockdown

The Union of Entrepreneurs and Employers has consistently been advocating against shutting down the economy. In our view, the right direction is rather to enable the functioning of as many industries as possible, while maintaining – needless to say – all appropriate sanitary rigors. We are observing a disturbing tendency to restrict the operations of subsequent sectors based on unverifiable and sometimes even absurd premises (as is the case of shutting down the food catering industry, an action justified during a press conference with data on significant number of infections at weddings)…

Position of the Union of Entrepreneurs and Employers on the Directive of the European Parliament and of the Council on adequate minimum wages in the European Union

The Directive of the European Parliament and of the Council on adequate minimum wages in the European Union, proposed on 28th October 2020, constitutes the next stage in the implementation of the European minimum wage. The Union of Entrepreneurs and Employers consistently opposes the introduction of such a solution due to: the European Union’s lack of competence to act in the field of wages; the non-binding nature of the political declaration known as the European Pillar of Social Rights; and the negative social and economic effects that this regulation will cause…
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