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On Wednesday, 3 November 2022, during the conference Energy security in times of war, co-organised by the Union of Entrepreneurs and Employers (ZPP), we had the opportunity to initiate a discussion aimed at demonstrating the role of conventional energy carriers in the future in which energy sources are expected to be converted into hydrogen and renewables. We attempted to show the future of oil and gas over time in the global and European economy and outline the future of fossil fuels in the Polish energy system…


Commentary of the Union of Entrepreneurs and Employers (ZPP) on the necessary reduction of expenditure on social and welfare programmes in hard economic times

Rising inflation and the instability of the economic environment caused by the negative economic consequences of the pandemic and Russia’s armed aggression against Ukraine and the related energy crisis should force the government to redefine the direction of its fiscal policy…

ZPP grants awards to MEPs on the occasion of 5th anniversary of its activity in Brussels

In September 2017, the Union of Entrepreneurs and Employers (ZPP) established a representative office in Brussels. Thanks to its presence, the Union can effectively represent the interests of Polish companies and maintain relations with the most important institutions of the European Union…

IT Skills 4U is launched – a joint training program for Ukrainian citizens implemented by Amazon Web Services (AWS) and the Union of Entrepreneurs and Employers (ZPP)

The launch of the IT Skills 4U – a new, free workforce-development program to help Ukrainian citizens acquire new skills and start a career in the IT & cloud industry – was announced at a press conference in Warsaw on Wednesday. The organizers of the project are the Union of Entrepreneurs and Employers (ZPP) and Amazon Web Services (AWS)…

ZPP position on the bill on employment of foreigners (RCL work list no.: 400)

Regulations on the employment of foreigners have long been controversial. The regulations were not very clear and the procedures were complicated. This created numerous difficulties for foreigners wishing to take up employment in our country. However, Poland has made significant progress in this regard for some time…

Cooperation with Poland and Polish business is a significant opportunity for post-war Ukraine – conclusions of the conference “Europe-Poland-Ukraine. Rebuild Together”

More than 900 people – including entrepreneurs from Poland and Ukraine, local government representatives, experts, parliamentarians and politicians, led by Prime Minister Mateusz Morawiecki – took part in the international conference “Europe – Poland – Ukraine. Rebuild Together” organised by the ZPP and WEI…

Opinion of the Chief Economist of ZPP on the importance of demography for the reconstruction of Ukraine

Ukraine’s military success, the probability of which is as high as never before (although this is only probability, not certainty, and the war still continues), will result in the recovery of some (more likely) or all of the territories lost to Russia after 2014. Those territories are largely depopulated as a result of internal resettlement caused by hostilities, refugeeism, forced relocations deep into Russia and, finally, losses caused by the warfare…
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