Key Facts about the Union of Entrepreneurs and Employers (ZPP)


The ZPP is one of the largest business organizations in Poland



  • We gather 21,089 companies (as of 31st December 2023)
  • 772 272 employees in member companies (as of 31st December 2023)
  • 18 regional organizations
  • 18 industry organizations
  • 5 thematic forums (Digital, Energy and Climate, Health, Labour, Micro and Small Bussines)
  • 36+ events annually (with 30 to 1000 participants). Budget: 15,5 million (2023)


  • A representative employers' organization sitting on the Social Dialogue Council. The President of ZPP serves as the Vice-Chair of the SDC
  • Two representatives in the European Economic and Social Committee in Brussels
  • The Vice President of the Union of Entrepreneurs and Employers (ZPP) serves as the co-chair of the EU-Ukraine Civil Society Platform (EU-Ukraine CSP) on the European Union's side
  • Founder and leading member of the European Enterprise Alliance in Brussels (21 organizations from 7 countries in the CEE region) Member of SME Connect
  • Representatives in the Council of Occupational Safety, the Supervisory Board of the Social Insurance Institution, the Central Statistical Office, and various other institutions and bodies


  • 2 offices in Warsaw, with over 40 employees
  • Office in Brussels (since 2017)
  • Office in Kyiv (since 2022)


  • Warsaw Enterprise Institute (think tank)
  • ZPP Foundation (foundation)
  • WEI Center for Strategic Studies (international affairs)
  • Świetlica Wolności (club)
  • WEI Publishing (around 10 publications annually)
  • Zielony Niedźwiedź (restaurant)


  • Over 21,000 media citations annually
  • Over 160,000 followers on Twitter and over 130,000 fans on Facebook
  • Monthly average reach on Facebook - over 740,000 recipients



The aim of ZPP is to make Poland the most business-friendly country in the OECD.
We support businesses and effectively represent the needs and interests of our Members.
ZPP is not affiliated with any political party or organization - it neither endorses nor opposes any of them. It supports projects regardless of their origin.