Labour Forum of ZPP

The Labour Forum of ZPP focuses on supporting the interests and needs of businesses in the labor market and engaging in constructive dialogue with the government administration and employees.

  • Dialogue among labor market stakeholders: The forum will participate in and promote dialogue on labor-related matters among all parties and stakeholders in the labor market.
  • Development of labor market policies and practices: The forum will actively contribute to the creation and modification of labor market policies, such as labor laws, wage regulations, flexible forms of employment, and health and safety in the workplace.
  • Building networks and information exchange: The forum will establish networks among employers, employees, educational institutions, and the government to foster collaboration and information exchange among various entities in the labor market.
  • Analysis and monitoring of the labor market: The forum will conduct ongoing analysis and monitoring of market trends, such as changes in job availability, wage levels, and the skills most sought after by employers.
  • Research and publication of reports: The forum will regularly conduct research on the labor market to identify the needs of employers and employees, employment trends, skill requirements, as well as future challenges and opportunities in the labor market. It will also publish reports to help stakeholders better understand the dynamically changing labor market landscape.
  • Promotion of best practices: The forum will promote good practices related to human resource management and organizational culture, including equal opportunities, development, and corporate social responsibility.

The action program of the Labour Forum of ZPP is flexible and adaptable to the changing needs of the labor market, focusing on supporting and developing entrepreneurs and addressing the needs of forum members.



Position of the Union of Entrepreneurs and Employers on the employment of foreigners


adw. Michał Chodkowski
Prezes Zarządu Polskiego Stowarzyszenia HR

Anna Chylińska   
Chief Expert on the Labour Market

Artur Gregorczyk   
Legal Advisor, Expert of the Labour Forum of ZPP

prof. Witold Klaus  
Współprzewodniczący Konsorcjum Migracyjnego, Instytut Nauk Prawnych PAN

Jacek Podgórski   
Director of the Labour Forum of ZPP

Szymon Witkowski 
Expert of the Labour Forum of ZPP