Micro and Small Business Forum

The Micro and Small Business Forum is an initiative focused on supporting micro and small businesses. Our goal is to raise public awareness about the role and significance of micro and small businesses in Poland’s economic and social life, publish reliable information describing this sector, and develop legal and tax solutions for these forms of economic activity.

  • Increasing social awareness of micro and small businesses: We aim to enhance the visibility and awareness of the existence and contributions of micro and small businesses in all sectors of the economy.
  • Legal and tax solutions for micro and small businesses: We will work on preparing an appropriate legal system for this sector and reasonable tax burdens.
  • Improving the conditions for conducting business: We work towards creating favorable conditions for micro and small businesses by advocating for improved legal regulations and the elimination of bureaucratic barriers. Our goal is to create an environment that enables growth and innovation.
  • Collaboration with institutions: We collaborate with the government, national, and international institutions to ensure that the voice of micro and small businesses is taken into account in shaping economic policies. We aim to establish partnerships that will contribute to a better business environment.
  • Analysis and monitoring of the situation of micro and small businesses: The Forum will conduct continuous analysis and monitor the market situation, especially in areas such as legal changes, regulations, and tax burdens.
  • Research and publication of reports: The Forum will regularly conduct research on micro and small businesses to identify their needs. Reports will be published to help stakeholders better understand the situation of micro and small businesses.

The Micro and Small Business Forum operates with flexibility and adapts its activities to changing needs and economic developments.

We encourage representatives of businesses to actively participate, share their demands, and collaborate in building a better business environment.



Polish micro-entrepreneurs – passionate individuals with a sense of mission. They are satisfied with their jobs, although the earnings are not too high. They save money, take short holidays and do not take sick leave. They value independence



Prof. Robert

dr Piotr Bukowski
Chairman of the Board

Piotr Koryś
Chief Economist
of ZPP

Prof. Dominika Maison

Weronika Kujawa

Secretary of the Micro and Small Business Forum at ZPP
email: w.kujawa@zpp.net.pl