ZPP Grant Programme

Union of Entrepreneurs and Employers runs a program supporting NGOs (associations and foundations) and local business organisations for which promotion of entrepreneurship and economic freedom are their statutory goals. The program includes:

1. Non-material support:

  • patronage over projectsand support in communication,
  • granting use of conference room.

2. Material support:

  • contracting preparation of reports to organisations/individuals representing liberty-friendly environments,
  • granting money for projects – up to 5000 PLN for one project. The budget for the whole year is 50 000 PLN,
  • financing meetings in Zielony Niedźwiedź Kafe – preparing dinners/lunches for the organisers and their guests (especially foreign ones) connected with organised conferences, seminars, etc.  

3. Possibility of running projects under the ZPP name or within co-branding

All the above-mentioned forms may be used jointly or separately. 
The support is granted based on decisions of the Management Board made on the grounds of the application. Applications are collected at: j.binkowski@zpp.net.pl



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