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European Enterprise Alliance welcomes a new member from Belarus

Warsaw, 17th March 2020

European Enterprise Alliance welcomes a new member from Belarus

During the first General Assembly of 2020 of the European Enterprise Alliance, the membership of a new organisation, the Republican Confederation of Entrepreneurship of Belarus, was approved.

We are delighted to welcome our new member in the world of business and politics and we are looking forward to cooperating on enhancing the business environment for SMEs. The fact that the European Business Alliance joined the EEA is tribute to the appreciation we receive as a young, but highly active organisation within Europe, and not only within the EU,” – said Marcin Nowacki, President of the European Enterprise Alliance.

The Republican Confederation of Entrepreneurship is one of the largest business associations in Belarus. It was founded in 2007 on the initiative of sectoral and regional business organisations. The Confederation unites leading regional and sectoral business associations and private enterprises. The RCE’s priorities are the development of small, medium and large-scale business, and the enhancement of the business environment in Belarus.

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European Enterprise Alliance is an independent organization of experts, entrepreneurs and pro-market intellectuals, convinced that the best way forward is to protect economic freedoms, and in particular to guarantee an equal playing field for small and medium-sized Enterprises.

Equal rights and a transparent business environment enable small and medium-sized enterprises to compete with global players, bringing continuity to the thoughts of the founding fathers of the EU, convinced that European integration can only be achieved by building a community of interests and increasing prosperity.


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Union on 5G: a massive opportunity for the Polish economy, a condition for the development of Industry 4.0, a necessity in the face of changes sparked by the pandemic

Technological progress, increased demand for digital services, and ultimately lasting changes in socio-economic life caused by the coronavirus pandemic – these are the main circumstances affecting the reality that 5G is not only a chance for Poland to accelerate its pace of economic development, but even as much as a necessity. To take full advantage of the available opportunities, we must launch this technology efficiently, quickly, and safely – these are the basic conclusions from the report by the Union of Entrepreneurs and Employers on the opportunities and prospects associated with the implementation of 5G in Poland.

#ReturningToWork: Actions to prevent and curtail the pandemic in the production sector

Yesterday, the Union of Entrepreneurs and Employers presented a plan of going back to work for the entire economy and in particular for those industries, whose activity was limited due to government restrictions.

Position of the Union on the “financial shield for companies”

From the very beginning of the crisis caused by the coronavirus pandemic, the Union of Entrepreneurs and Employers has emphasised the need to rapidly launch a programme to secure the liquidity of Polish companies. A significant number of entities has the ability to operate for a certain time without profits, however, deepened liquidity problems may lead to a real wave of bankruptcies. This would translate into an economic calamity, the loss of hundreds of thousands (if not millions) of jobs, and the years of unprecedented economic growth and development in Poland going to waste. We are glad that an effort was undertaken to introduce a quick and simple tool to support the financial liquidity of companies.


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