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The Union of Entrepreneurs and Employers has consistently called for responsible and predictable actions to be undertaken by the government in terms of the measures to counter the spread of the coronavirus. The Union strongly emphasises that any and all activity of this nature must not result in further restrictions to running a business and considers the solutions adopted thus far to be excessively far-reaching.

Anti-crisis shield: industry postulates

The Union of Entrepreneurs and Employers prepared and presented last week the concept of a PLN 100 billion shield for employment, which is a response to the economic challenges related to the development of the coronavirus epidemic in Poland. However, we are aware of the fact that apart from a comprehensive programme aimed at protecting jobs in the economy, regulatory support is also needed, targeted at industries threatened by the epidemic…

100-BILLION SHIELD FOR EMPLOYMENT – Proposals of support for companies during COVID 2.0 by the Union of Entrepreneurs and Employers

The second wave of the epidemic in Poland took on a scale that was still hard to expect several weeks ago. The increasing number of infections and the healthcare system reaching its limits of efficiency generate a sense of danger, in view of which the society naturally limits its activity and mobility. Therefore, due to the dynamics of the epidemic, the demand for certain services decreased organically…

Necessary tightening measures in the customs and VAT system for foreign e-commerce vendors

The Union of Entrepreneurs and Employers, in its latest report, analysed the customs and tax system in terms of shipments from non-EU e-commerce vendors. The Union notes in its study that the e-commerce sector is gaining importance in the global, and thus also Polish economy. This phenomenon is influenced, among others, by the coronavirus epidemic. According to the Union, this market in Poland will grow in 2020 by 20%…
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