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Opening of the Representative Office of The Union of Entrepreneurs and Employers in Kyiv (ZPP)

Kyiv, 08.07.2022




The future of Europe today depends on the bravery and perseverance of Ukrainian soldiers, which, in turn, is not only a result of the aid flowing here from all over the world, but also of the resilience and success of Ukrainian business. The opening of a permanent representation office of the ZPP in Kyiv is intended to create new opportunities for active and direct cooperation between Polish and Ukrainian businesses.

The conference accompanying the opening of the office , was accompanied by a special conference at the Diplomatic Academy at the Ukrainian Ministry of Foreign Affairs. In the opening speech Oleksandr Ban’kov, State Secretary, Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Ukraine noted:

– Poland ranks first among Ukraine’s trade partners. We must take advantage of these opportunities together, and proceed to build cooperation that will help Polish and Ukrainian entrepreneurs to compete in third markets. The opening of an ZPP office in Ukraine will further this goal. 

Ukraine now needs at least USD 750 billion to rebuild from the destruction, for which it needs not only financial support, but also the permanent presence of international business, European technology, capital, but also the experience of countries which, like Poland, have gone through a similar path of rebuilding from the devastation of the communist era. Poland’s Ambassador in Kyiv, Bartosz Cichocki, thanking for polish entrepreneurs’ initiative, said:

– We will not defend this world if we do not rebuild Ukraine. We will not defend it if we do not rebuild it, and we will not rebuild it without initiatives such as this. If not now then when, if not us then who?

Dozens of civil society organizations, hundreds of volunteers, including numerous state institutions, have been active in Ukraine since the beginning of the war, but as Cezary Kaźmierczak ZPP president pointed out:

– Governments create the framework for cooperation, we need to fill it with links between our businesses. So that our children and grandchildren have peace once and for all and do not have to fear Russia.

The Kyiv conference was the second conference organised by ZPP in Ukraine this week. First conference has been held in Lviv On July 6. Both events are to bring together the representatives of leading Polish, Ukrainian business associations,  authorities of both countries helped mapping all needs, opportunities, expectations and priorities of Ukraine’s reconstruction, available support from Europe.


ZPP is the fastest growing employer organizations in Poland. Organization brings together 14 regional organizations and 22 trade organizations. As a member of  the Social Dialogue Council in Poland, ZPP uses its influence to promote free market, fair competition, legal stability and economic transparency. ZPP is represented in Brussels through its Representative Office, membership in the European Enterprise Alliance and membership in SME Connect. The union has two representatives in the European Economic and Social Committee.

The representative office of ZPP in Ukraine will be headed by Nazar Bobitski, a former Ukrainian diplomat and public affairs professional with more than 20 years of experience. His previous positions included posts as ,   Deputy Head of  Mission of Ukraine to the European Union in Brussels for trade and economic cooperation, and a representative of Ukrainian exporters at the EU institutions.


Contact:  Phone: +380 67 172 03 64, Email:




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