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A new health platform – the Health Forum of the Union of Entrepreneurs and Employers

Warsaw, 5th April 2023

A new health platform – the Health Forum of the Union of Entrepreneurs and Employers

Healthcare has always been a challenge for experts, representatives of government and local government institutions, medical specialists, representatives of patients’ organisations, but also entrepreneurs and employers themselves. Health is and should be treated as the foundation of all values. But it also is an important branch of the economy. In response to the enormous needs of all stakeholders on the medical market and the challenges it faces, the Union of Entrepreneurs and Employers brought to life the Health Forum.

Daily problems of Polish healthcare are issues that concern us all and further deepen the need dialogue within the sector. These problems include, among others, the lack of reimbursement for treatment of given patients, employers’ costs related to employees on sick leave, queues to specialists, staff shortages, digitisation, and finally the effects of various pandemics, wars and their impact on medicine supply chain safety are.

“There is much to be done in healthcare. This is a particularly sensitive area that requires careful consideration of the views of all parties involved. Therefore, the Health Forum of the Union of Entrepreneurs and Employers, being a completely new health platform is an optimal place to exchange experiences, to present the postulates of various entities, to advocate ideas, and develop the best solutions with the possibility of their implementation in health policy,” says Aleksandra Sienkiewicz, Director of the Health Forum.

The goal behind establishing the Forum is to promote the postulates of rational systemic reforms and an attractive regulatory and institutional environment for companies from the universally understood health sector, which will ultimately translate into change that will benefit everyone. The Union’s Health Forum focuses on the organisation of an expert discussions on a broad spectrum of issues related to healthcare, from prevention to treatment, taking into account the financial and regulatory environment. As part of the Forum, we will publish commentaries, positions, and reports that help draw attention to current problems and find the best approach to difficulties in each area of healthcare in Poland.

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