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Appeal of the Union of Entrepreneurs and Employers to impose hard and deep sanctions on Russia

Warsaw, 24 February 2022


Appeal of the Union of Entrepreneurs and Employers to impose hard and deep sanctions on Russia 


The Union of Entrepreneurs and Employers (ZPP) condemn the unauthorized and outrageous act of Russian aggression against Ukraine. Military interference in the territorial integrity of another state and the pursuit of a policy of conquest are behaviors that go beyond the framework of the modern international order and deserve strong condemnation. The Russian state has excluded itself from the international community, and the Putin regime’s actions require a strong and bold response from the Western world.

Bearing in mind the above, we call for all necessary steps to be taken to ensure that Russia’s aggression is met with a proper and adequate response, and above all – with the most severe and deep economic sanctions.

ZPP believes that all options that are on the table and at the disposal of international institutions should be used – including the exclusion of Russia from the international financial system and the maximum possible restriction on trade, as well as the extensive use of personal sanctions, such as freezing assets or entry bans. Investments made in cooperation with the Russian energy industry, including Nord Stream 2 in particular, should also be absolutely halted.

We cannot be afraid of applying the most severe sanctions at our disposal. The Russian economy is one-third smaller than that of Italy itself – a country more than twice less populous. The GDP of the European Union is fifteen times the GDP of Russia. Russia’s GDP per capita, taking into account the purchasing power parity, is lower than that of Poland, Romania or the Czech Republic. Russia is economically much weaker and poorer than we are. European companies and consumers will therefore do without Russian money.

We count on decisive and bold actions from Poland and international institutions. Putin’s banditry must be stopped by all means possible. At the same time, we express our deep solidarity with the Ukrainian people.


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