WEBCAST – Ukraine’s Accession to the EU Single Market Program: Looking into SME Landscape and the Needs of Entrepreneurs in Ukraine

After our working lunch on the topic held on April 14th, 2023, we organized a webcast in partnership with SME Connect and European Enterprise Alliance. The event was held fully online and was hosted by MEP IVAN STEFANEC, who was the President of SME Europe of the EPP, a board member of SME Connect, and also a member of IMCO & ITRE Committees and the Delegation to the EU-Ukraine Parliamentary Association Committee. The webcast was co-hosted by Lukas Mandl, who was an MEP, Vice-President of SME Connect, and also a member of AFET, LIBE & EMPL Committees. The speakers included Nazar Bobitski, who was from the Union of Entrepreneurs and Kyiv Office; Anna Derevyanko, who was the Executive Director of the European Business Association (EBA); Ilona Knyshuk, who was the Head of the International Cooperation Center of the Union of Ukrainian Entrepreneurs (SUP); Marcin Nowacki, who was the President of the European Enterprise Alliance (EEA), Vice-President of Entrepreneurs and Employers, and also a member of the European Economic and Social Committee.

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