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Busometr ZPP Index: Entrepreneurs still optimistic

Warsaw, 14th March 2019


Entrepreneurs continue to feel positive about the condition of the Polish economy. This is indicated by the latest forecasts of the Union of Entrepreneurs and Employers outlines in the next wave of the Busometr Index survey, whose reading amounted to 55.2 points. This is a result similar to the study from the 2nd half of 2018.

It should be stressed that this is the second wave since the survey is carried out on a different business base (previously the ZPP (the Union’s) database, presently – the one of Ariadna National Research Panel). The sample structure in terms of the size of the surveyed companies in this measurement and the previous ones does not differ, but the demographic structure of respondents has changed considerably.

The results of the study in the “labour market (remunaerations and employment)” section are the best of the three criteria analysed. Its value for the current reading is 60.4 points. One can see here a slight decrease compared to the second half of 2018 (then the value of this component amounted to 61.9 points).

In the case of “remunerations”, the barometer amounted to 61.2 points. As many as 35% of entrepreneurs declare an increase in remuneration in the near future. In terms of “employment”, 33% of respondents plan to increase it.

The lowest concerns related to the situation on the labour market over the next 6 months are demonstrated by entrepreneurs from the commercial sector (here the indicator reached 63.7 points). Production and services sectors followed closely (60.5 and 59.3 points, respectively).

The overall value of the Busometr Index was also influenced by the “economic situation” component, which currently stands at 55.6 pts. (increase by 0.2 points in relation to the previous survey). 36% of respondents claim that in the next six months the economic situation will improve, while 24% expect it to deteriorate.

However, the mood of entrepreneurs in the area of “investment” is not optimistic – the total value of the component was 45 points (decrease by 8.7 points in relation to the previous half a year ago). Over half of the respondents, 55%, declared investment plans, 45% do not plan any activities in this area. Entrepreneurs from the small business sector show a high propensity to invest (52.3 points); there is less optimism among micro and large enterprises (respectively, 41.4 and 47.6 points).

The results of the study were summed up by the president of the Union of Entrepreneurs and Employers Cezary Kaźmierczak.

“It is clear that the moods regarding the situation on the labour market remain very good,” he said. “Companies pay more and increase employment, and it seems that this trend will continue. Entrepreneurs are expecting a continuation of the good times at the moment, which is of course great news, but we must be worried about the investment reading and a decrease by almost 9 points. It is a clear signal for the government that businesses needs a stable regulatory environment to be able to invest.”


Busometr ZPP – the Index of Economic Mood in SME Sector is an economic barometer illustrating the level of optimism in small and medium enterprises, and their plans for the coming six months.

Three components affect the index: (1) the economic situation, (2) labour market (remunerations and employment) and (3) investments.

A value within the range of 0-100 is assigned to each component.

The Union of Entrepreneurs and Employers along with Maison&Partners conduct the research among a representative group of small and medium enterprises (up to 250 employees). Busometr ZPP is published every six months.

Small and medium enterprises constitute in Poland 99.8% of all the companies in the country. They create three quarters of the work places and generate 67% of GDP.


14.03.2019 ZPP Busometr Index. Forecast for 1st half of 2019


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