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Check how much you earn and how much you get! Union’s newest tool launched

The Union of Entrepreneurs and Employers launches its new tool for entrepreneurs with raising employees’ awareness in mind as to how much the state takes away from their remuneration. The Salary Calculator has been designed to show the difference between earned and received remuneration in an easy and transparent way.

The state takes a lot more money from us than we dare think. Most Poles working on a contract of employment do not realise how much their employment costs. The idea of the Union of Employers and Entrepreneurs is to show real amounts and costs incurred by both employee and their employers.

Using the Union’s Salary Calculator, you gain the following:

  • an easy to use salary cost calculator,
  • a transparent report for your employees,
  • a print- and send-ready document,
  • percentage and amount calculations regarding the salary of a specific employee.

Raise your employee’s awareness – make use of the Union’s Salary Calculator!


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Just Transition Fund – Polish perspective

The Polish energy sector is to a significant degree dependent on coal. Approx. 78% of all domestically produced electricity comes from this raw material – at the same time, the average share of solid fuels in the energy mix in the EU amounts to ca. 17%. A gradual reduction of coal-derived electricity and the development of renewable energy sources, required from the point of view of achieving the ambitious climate goals set at the European Union level, will certainly be an enormous infrastructural, economic, and social challenge…

Commentary by the Union of Entrepreneurs and Employers regarding the notification obligation concerning the draft act on the amendment of certain acts in connection with promotion of healthy consumer choices

The draft act on the amendment of certain acts in connection with the promotion of healthy consumer choices appeared on the website of the Government Legislation Centre at the end of December 2019 and sparked an understandable stir in entrepreneurial circles. First of all, the draft assumes the introduction of a new tax (erroneously therein referred to as “the fee”) on the sale of drinks sweetened with sugar or other sweeteners – beginning in April 2020 – not from 2022 onwards as previously announced in the National Oncological Strategy…

Busometr Index: Serious symptoms of an economic slowdown. Record low investment indicator

The index measuring entrepreneurs’ mood “Busometr” for the second half of 2020 amounted to 44.5 points (a decrease from 48.8 points in the previous half year), which means that the mood of entrepreneurs continues to deteriorate. A decrease in mood among companies took place in all components measured (the economic situation, labour market, and investments). The level of investment sentiment reached the lowest level in the Index’s history. Despite the decrease, entrepreneurs show relative optimism regarding the situation on the labour market.


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