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“EUROPE-POLAND-UKRAINE. REBUILD TOGETHER”. New ZPP program in support of the reconstruction of Ukraine

Warsaw, 20 July 2022


New ZPP program in support of the reconstruction of Ukraine


The Union of Entrepreneurs and Employers (ZPP) is launching the program “Europe – Poland – Ukraine. Rebuild together”, which aims to build and strengthen relations between European, Polish and Ukrainian business communities and to prepare a framework for cooperation in the future reconstruction of Ukraine’s state and economy. We invited leading business organizations in Ukraine to cooperate with the project: European Business Association (EBA), Union of Ukrainian Entrepreneur (SUP) and the Ukrainian Chamber of Commerce.

The program will consist of a number of simultaneous projects. A series of sectoral consultation meetings was launched last week to identify and link together representatives of the sectors crucial for the reconstruction of the Ukrainian economy. Three events will take place in Warsaw in June, and in July we organize a consultation round in Ukraine – in Lviv and Kiev.

In parallel, actions will be directed both at supporting Ukrainian firms in relocation to Poland and strengthening cooperation between Polish and Ukrainian businesses, as well as at assisting workers – immigrants from Ukraine – to find their place on our labor market and increase their competences.

The first phase of the program will be summarized at an international conference, which will take place in Warsaw early October. The event will be attended by representatives of the governments, ministries and parliaments of Poland and Ukraine, as well as experts and representatives of companies from industries directly interested in cooperation. The prospects for economic development in Ukraine and its impact on the global economy will be discussed. We will also discuss the needs and expectations of the Ukrainian side in particular sectors, as well as concrete opportunities for Polish business to participate in the reconstruction of Ukraine.

Marcin Nowacki, Vice President of ZPP comments: The reconstruction of Ukraine is one of the key challenges, but also the opportunities that we must face as the European Union and directly Poland. It is very important to build partnership, knowledge and understanding of the Ukrainian market and the needs of Ukrainian companies today. We hope that this work, which we are now undertaking in Poland, and which our Ukrainian partners also undertake, will build cooperation and a group of companies that will actively participate in the reconstruction of Ukraine. In July, we will be present personally in Lviv and Kiev, because we want to give a clear signal that our Ukrainian partners can count on our assistance not only in the most difficult times, but also in the further structural reconstruction of their economy.

Last week, Nazar Bobitski, a specialist with many years of diplomatic experience in Kiev and Brussels, was appointed as adviser to the management of the ZPP and as the representative of the Union in Ukraine. He leads the work of the ZPP office in Kiev, which will coordinate and support Polish and Ukrainian business contacts.

About the details of the “Europe – Poland – Ukraine. Rebuild together” program and other pro-Ukrainian and pro-business activities we will keep you informed on an ongoing basis. Please contact us at:

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