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European Enterprise Alliance welcomes a new member from Ukraine

Warsaw, 10th March 2020

European Enterprise Alliance welcomes a new member from Ukraine

During the first General Assembly of 2020 of the European Enterprise Alliance, the membership of a new organisation, the European Business Association of Ukraine, was approved.

We are delighted to welcome our new member in the world of business and politics and we are looking forward to cooperating on enhancing the business environment for SMEs. The fact that the European Business Alliance joined the EEA is tribute to the appreciation we receive as a young, but highly active organisation within Europe, and not only within the EU,” – said Marcin Nowacki, President of the European Enterprise Alliance.

Established in 1999, the European Business Association provides a platform to work together with international partners, Ukrainian state officials and institutions to create a stable and reliable business climate in the country, strive to achieve new ambitious goals to make the voice of modern business in the country stronger. This initiative was initially supported by the European Commission and has grown to become one of the largest and most influential business communities in the nation. Today, the Association unites more than 1100 businesses.

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European Enterprise Alliance is an independent organization of experts, entrepreneurs and pro-market intellectuals, convinced that the best way forward is to protect economic freedoms, and in particular to guarantee an equal playing field for small and medium-sized Enterprises.

Equal rights and a transparent business environment enable small and medium-sized enterprises to compete with global players, bringing continuity to the thoughts of the founding fathers of the EU, convinced that European integration can only be achieved by building a community of interests and increasing prosperity.


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Union of Entrepreneurs and Employers: the final beneficiaries of the ERP system must be the citizens and the environment

The deadline for Poland to introduce the provisions of the European Directive implementing Extended Producer Responsibility (ERP) has passed on 5th July, and we have less than three years to amend the current system. The Union of Entrepreneurs and Employers hereby presents its proposal regarding the ERP system, taking into account the demands of entrepreneurs and organisations representing waste management companies.

Two representatives of the Union of Entrepreneurs and Employers among the proposed candidates for the European Economic and Social Committee

The Ministry of Family, Labour and Social Policy informed that Marcin Nowacki and Tomasz Wróblewski, representatives of the Union of Entrepreneurs and Employers, were nominated to the Secretariat of the EU Council as candidates for members of the European Economic and Social Committee for the 2020-2025 term.

The condition of the Polish mining industry – the opinion of the chief expert of the Union of Entrepreneurs and Employers on energy

The data on the condition of the Polish mining industry, presented to the members of the Social Dialogue Council’s Economic Policy and Labour Market Team, show the current situation in the hard coal mining sector in Poland does not inspire optimism and indicates the necessity to undertake quick stabilising measures, and most importantly, to develop the Plan for Restructuring the Polish Mining Industry, a reasonable, reliable plan that takes into account the specificity of the Polish mining industry and the Polish energy sector…


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