Conference “Energy for Europe”. Joined voices for discussion on European future energy policy

Warsaw, 14 July 2022 


Conference”Energy for Europe”
Joined voices for discussion on European future energy policy

27th October 2022, Sofitel Europe, Place Jourdan in Brussels


It’s our privilege to invite you to a discussion roundtable organized jointly by Union of Entrepreneurs and Employers, European Enterprise Alliance, SME Connect and Energetyka 24.

As part of the Energy Forum, ZPP actively participates in shaping the direction of development of the Polish energy sector. Together with our partners and members, we undertake strategic legislative initiatives aimed at effective energy transformation.

Recent geopolitical events have a significant impact not only on the energy sector, but on the entire industry, which is the strength of the national economy. We see an urgent need to ensure security for the Polish energy system and to strengthen its independence.


10:00 Registration

11:00 Welcome and Introduction

11:10 Strategic Partner Speech

11:15 First Panel Discussion: Fit for 55 and EU energy security

Russian invasion of Ukraine came as a shock to Europe. The current paradigm of cooperation with the Russians, based on the creation of economic unions, turned out to be ineffective and dangerous for the EU itself. It requires correction of, among others: European Green Deal and the Fit for 55 package – but will Brussels have the enthusiasm to carry it out? If so, which way is the

It is worth emphasizing that in this case Poland has a unique chance to polish the EU climate policy. It can be done by re-arming it with the attributes of derusification (refraining from Russian raw materials) and diversification (expansion of supply sources). How to do it effectively and permanently?

12:15 Lunch

13:45 Second Panel Discussion: Nuclear Power

Nuclear energy was receiving mild or even hostile treatment by many European Union Member States. However, not all Member States shared such attitudes – the exception is Central Europe. In turn, the current situation is conducive to a nuclear renaissance in the EU. What are the chances of that?

14:45 Coffee break

15:00 Third Panel Discussion: Offshore wind energy

Offshore wind energy is a very important element of the European energy transformation. This technology will develop particularly dynamically in the Baltic Sea area. This creates specific opportunities, but also challenges – is Poland, one of the largest investors in offshore wind farms – ready for these circumstances? Will it find partners among other countries in the basin?

16:00 Networking cocktail


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