XIVth European Financial Congress

European Financial Congress
10-12 June, Sopot, Poland

We invite you to participate in the 14th European Financial Congress. Let’s meet in Sopot on June 10 – 12, 2024. EFC 2024 motto is “Do we still want to race?” 

Union of Entrepreneurs and Employers is the institutional partner of the 14th edition of the European Financial Congress.

The European Financial Congress is one of the most important meetings of the financial world in Poland.
The Congress invites you to an unfettered debate on the stability of the European and Polish financial system, as well as to develop recommendations for systemic solutions for safe and sustainable development.

During the three days, the Congress invites, among other things, discussions on:

  • the necessary search for a balance between benefits and risks for customers of financial institutions,
  • cyber security, secure data circulation and further digitization of the commercial and public spheres,
  • the challenges of financing large investment projects (energy transition, including nuclear power, armament spending, participation of Polish companies in the reconstruction of Ukraine)
  • AI – will we really have a noticeable revolution in processes, customer service, maintenance services in a short time,
  • opportunities for the banking, insurance and capital market sectors to support the competitiveness of companies,
  • efforts to increase Poland’s economic credibility,
  • financing the implementation of ESG, especially the green transition,
  • stimulating the growth of long-term savings and investment,
  • financing sustainable development of the real estate market,
  • rationalization of housing and immigration policies,
  • actions to increase the investment attractiveness of Poland and the EU.

As every year, exclusively at the EKF:

  • EKF Macroeconomic Roundtable – a map of challenges 2024-2027
  • EKF Technology Roundtable – a map of challenges for the banking sector 2024-2027
  • CRO Roundtable. Banking risk – a map of challenges for the banking sector
  • CEO Debate. A map of challenges for the banking sector

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