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Marcin Nowacki and Tomasz Wróblewski have been nominated to be members of the European Economic and Social Committee

Warsaw, 24th September 2020


Marcin Nowacki and Tomasz Wróblewski have been nominated to be members of the European Economic and Social Committee. As of 21 September, they represent the Union of Entrepreneurs and Employers in the European decision-making process


The European Economic and Social Committee (“EESC”) is an advisory body established by the Treaties. It consists of three groups representing respectively Employers, Workers and Diversity and provides expertise to the European Parliament, the Council and the Commission. Its’ 326 members are employers, trade unionists and representatives of social, occupational, economic and cultural organizations, who are appointed for a renewable 5-year term by the Council on a proposal by the Member States.

I am honored that I can contribute to the work of the European Economic and Social Committee.Marcin Nowacki, Vice President of ZPP, stated and added – What is crucial for companies’ performance in the market is a good regulatory environment and the European Economic and Social Committee has a crucial role to play in the creation of better European legislation for businesses.

Most importantly, however, the EESC participated in the European law-making process. It issues between 160 and 190 opinions and information reports a year. Opinions can be requested by the European Commission, Parliament or Council. The EESC has also the right to provide an opinion of its own motion. In this way, the EESC ensures that important socio-economic interests are well-represented in the Union’s decision-making process.

According to Tomasz Wróblewski, WEI President, the function of an EESC member is an privilege and a responsibility – Direct participation in the European decision-making process is an opportunity that is not available to many and I intend to use it to duly represent the interests that are important for Poland on the international arena.

Furthermore, the EESC organizes several annual initiatives and events with a focus on civil society and citizens’ participation such as the Civil Society Prize, the Civil Society Days, the Your Europe, Your Say youth plenary and the ECI Day.

The first step towards improving the EU’s trade balance is increasing the competitiveness of European businesses. Companies in third countries often face smaller regulatory hurdles that allow their businesses to grow and thrive more easily. To increase the competitiveness of European businesses, the EU should focus on decreasing red tape and administrative burdens, especially on SMEs – Nowacki noted.

Marcin Nowacki, Vice President of the Union of Entrepreneurs and Employers, President of European Enterprise Alliance,  Board Member at Warsaw Enterprise Institute

In the years 2006–2007, director of the Investor Acquisition Department at the Łódź Special Economic Zone S.A. In the period 2008–2009 he was the director of the Entrepreneurship Department at the Marshal’s Office in Łódź (Regional Government). He participated in the management of over 40 investment projects with a total value exceeding EUR 1 billion. Marcin has been involved in the Union of Entrepreneurs and Employers (ZPP) since 2011. Today ZPP belongs to the group of three largest employers’ organizations in Poland. As part of the ZPP, he coordinates departments responsible for law and legislation as well as relations. Marcin also oversees all foreign relations and partnerships, including the ZPP Representation in Brussels, participating in key regulatory processes for Polish entrepreneurs in the EU. Initiator and head of the European Enterprise Alliance, an organization of entrepreneurs registered in Brussels associating organizations of employers from the region of Central and Eastern Europe. Marcin Nowacki is also a chairman of e-commerce working group at the SME Connect, Brussels-based SME platform.

Tomasz Wróblewski, President of the Warsaw Enterprise Institute

President of WEI. Creator of such titles as “Newsweek Polska”, “Forbes Polska”. He started his professional work in the United States. After graduation from the University of Houston he cooperated with Newsweek and Washington Post. After returning to Poland he successively served as director of RMF antenna, deputy chief executive of “Wprost” and then chief executive of “Newsweek Polska” and “Forbes”. He worked as Vice President of Polskapresse publishing house. He also held the post of editor-in-chief of Dziennik Gazeta Prawna and Rzeczpospolita.


fot. Giampaolo Squarcina / ma lic.

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