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Open letter of the Union’s President to Polish Business

Warsaw, 7th November 2020


Ladies and Gentlemen, Presidents of the Board, CEOs, Owners!

Our community is a highly diverse one. We are guided by different interests, views, and political sympathies.

In this case, however, we should present a unified front – to stop the pandemic from spreading and prevent a severe lockdown. According to what our policymakers are saying – a lockdown or re-opening the economy – both depend on the number of diagnosed cases and the efficiency of the healthcare system.

We do have a say in this though.

First of all, we can implement in our companies the highest sanitary standards. The current situation is not bad, but I urge you to personally evaluate what can be improved or done better. In person.

And secondly – from the position of your our authority or seniority, we must explain to our employees that it is neither us nor Prime Minister Morawiecki who pay them their salaries and wages, but satisfied customers. If as a result of a complete lockdown, there are no customers anymore, they may lose their jobs and livelihood. There will be no miracles; just like the government, we do not have any money of our own – only our customers’ money.

Experiences from all over the globe tell us that social discipline is key to curb the pandemic, discipline nowhere to be found in Poland. I am asking to you to actively persuade our fellow Poles – our employees – to comply with the restrictions of the DDM regime (Distance-Disinfection-Masks).

Join the cause! You have the necessary tools. You know best which to use.

Kindest regards,

Cezary Kaźmierczak
President of the Union of Entrepreneurs and Employers


See: 07.11.2020 Open letter of the President of the Union of Entrepreneurs and Employers to Polish Business


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