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Polish Federation of Food Industry becomes member organisation of the Union of Entrepreneurs and Employers

Warsaw, 30th October 2018


Polish Federation of Food Industry becomes member organisation of the Union of Entrepreneurs and Employers


The Polish Federation of Food Industry Union of Employers joined ZPP – the Union of Entrepreneurs and Employers. The organisation was established to ensure effective participation of business entities in creating legal, organisational and economic conditions for the development of the food sector – one of the largest and strongest branches of the Polish economy. PFFI members are leading companies and organisations present on the broadly understood food market in Poland. For many years, the Federation has been helping its members build their strong position on the market. Companies associated in PFFI employ 40,000 employees.

PFFI bases its activity on three basic pillars:

  • Organisation – only by acting together, companies can effectively represent their positions,
  • Cooperation – creating a unique platform for cooperation between companies,
  • Influence – PFFI representatives actively present positions and opinions developed in the working committees of the Federation.

Poland’s integration with the European Union set new challenges for Polish enterprises. Since 1999, the Polish Federation of Food Industry Union of Employers is the only Polish organisation that has membership status of the largest organisation of EU’s food producers, the Confederation of Food and Drink Industries of the EEC (FoodDrinkEurope).

PFPŻ represents the Polish food industry at the institutionalised forum of the entire food industry in the European Union. It monitors and informs affiliated companies about any and all changes in EU food regulations, and since 2004 it enables Polish enterprises to actively participate in shaping them.


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The documentary series will consist of six episodes telling the story of a whole decade of Polish entrepreneurship after the fall of communism. By portraying individual profiles of the participants of those events, we want to show the Polish people’s path to prosperity. We are creating these series with young and foreign viewers in mind who only know the history of the beginnings of Polish capitalism from family stories or media coverage.

WEI and Americans for Tax Reform discuss the digital tax at a round table in the ‘Freedom Lounge’

On 6th November 2019, a round table dedicated to the subject of the digital tax and the possible consequences of this concept entering into force in Poland took place in the ‘Freedom Lounge’. The event was organised by Warsaw Enterprise Institute, a think tank of the Union of Entrepreneurs and Employers, and Americans for Tax Reform, a Washington-based organisation fighting for taxpayers’ rights for over 30 years.

The Union of Entrepreneurs and Employers warns: abolishing the 30-fold limit is a terrible solution, there are other ways to find budget revenues

During today’s press conference, the Union of Entrepreneurs and Employers assessed the idea of abolishing the 30-fold limit on Social Insurance Institution contributions unequivocally negatively. The Union’s experts also gave examples of alternative actions ensuring the fulfilment of the assumption of finding an additional PLN 5 billion in budget revenues.


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