Warsaw Enterprise Institute

Warsaw Enterprise Institute a Think Tank of Union of Entrepreneurs and Employers carries out research and analyses, does educational projects, prepares solutions for ZPP and other social and commercial entities interested in the subject.

Core competencies:

Ideas and solutions 

World is ruled by ideas. WEI prepares, mostly to the benefit of Union of Entrepreneurs and Employers and The Warsaw Network, ideas, suggestions of solutions and legislative acts supporting freedom of choice, natural order and free market economy.


No war has ever brought some much damage as faulty economic concepts and fantasies have. We intend to initiate and take part in educational actions and programs propelling freedom of choice, natural order and free market, especially the ones for young people, decision-makers and their environment.

Research and analyses 

Many faulty decisions and beliefs are based on myths and legends completely abstract from the real life and economy. We will carry out research and studies in order to show reality as it really is. A relevant and true assessment of the situation helps in making right decisions which foster well-being and happy life.


Areas of WEI’s activity:

  • State and Law
  • Economy
  • National Security
  • Demography

 Tomasz Wróblewski is the president of WEI.

More information available at WEI:




Mateusz Gilewski 
phone: 22 826 08 31



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