Warsaw Enterprise Institute

Warsaw Enterprise Institute focuses on four key areas for the business environment and improving Poland’s prosperity:

  • The State and the Law
  • Security
  •  Economy
  •  Demography

WEI conducts research, analyses, and educational projects, and publishes commentaries, positions, memoranda, and reports. It prepares solutions for both state institutions and independent social and commercial entities.

WEI is the exclusive Polish partner of the global report on economic freedom of The Heritage Foundation and Wall Street Journal. It also conducts a number of other programs and projects, such as The Warsaw Network (a network of think tanks from the former post-Soviet area), Plusy Ujemne (a portal where we evaluate significant changes and legislative novelties), Obiecanki Cacanki (a service of election promises), Agenda Polska (a series of publications in the field of Polish development strategy, systemic solutions and spot repair of the law), Świetlica Wolności (a formative place of meetings and lectures for common-sense youth).

Since May 2014 WEI is the publisher of a daily website dealing with the Institute’s main areas of interest.

The CEO of WEI is Tomasz Wróblewski.

More information on the WEI website.