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Report ZPP Brussels |Focus on Europe| – Underrepresentation of CEE Region in the EU Institutions

Brussels, 11 April 2024

Report ZPP Brussels |Focus on Europe|
Underrepresentation of CEE Region in the EU Institutions

The European Union (EU), a complex mosaic of nations and policies, has continually shifted its contours to accommodate evolving geopolitical and internal dynamics. Central and Eastern Europe (CEE), with its rich historical tapestry, cultural diversity, and burgeoning economies, stands as a pivotal pillar in this European narrative. However, a palpable and persistent underrepresentation of the CEE region within the upper echelons of EU institutions has surfaced as a salient concern, particularly underscored by the 2019 European Elections where CEE countries found themselves conspicuously absent from high-level positions. This absence is not merely statistical but resonates with broader systemic challenges, geopolitical shifts, and policy implications, including the increasing economic importance of CEE in driving and sustaining the EU’s economic growth.

Events such as Russia’s invasion of Ukraine have amplified the strategic importance of the CEE region, underscoring its proactive role and contributions on the European stage. Yet, the glaring disparity in representation within key EU roles impedes the region’s ability to advocate effectively for its interests, shape policy agendas, and contribute meaningfully to EU-wide decision-making processes. This report delves into the intricate backdrop of this underrepresentation, navigating through historical paradigms, geopolitical intricacies, and systemic biases that have perpetuated this imbalance. It underscores the complexities of EU appointment mechanisms, influenced by negotiations, party politics, and historical legacies, which have inadvertently resulted in a disproportionate emphasis on Western European representation.


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