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The Freedom Lounge to be opened shortly – the place for conservative and common-sense youth



Just before Christmas, the Union of Entrepreneurs and Employers and Warsaw Enterprise Institute signed a lease contract for The Freedom Lounge.

The Lounge will be located in the very centre of Warsaw – Nowy Świat 6/12.

We are creating the Lounge with conservative, common-sense youth and organisations that share these ideas in mind.

The Freedom Lounge will be a place for meetings, lectures, and panels. There will also be hot desks and a television studio. Moreover, there will be a place where you can have a tasty meal. Creation of a bar is in plans too.

We expect that the adaptation of the premises will take us up to several months.

The good news is that we are creating the first right-wing formation centre in Warsaw. Our ambition is to produce at least a few ministers here, as well as many public-sector managers and entrepreneurs, and maybe even a prime minister!

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