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The new version of – the platform for aid and cooperation for members of the Union of Entrepreneurs and Employers – has been launched

Warsaw, 23rd September 2020

The new version of – the platform for aid and cooperation for members of the Union of Entrepreneurs and Employers – has been launched

Thus far, an effective programme that would significantly contribute to supporting the SME sector in Poland has not been implemented yet.

Over the last two years, we have been closely monitoring what is happening on the market, fully aware of the fact that must evolve. We have browsed dozens of portals and websites, learnt from our mistakes, and listened to our members. This way, we created anew with the following in mind:

  • to make it more transparent,
  • that it provides real assistance to our Members – offers them the ZPP Assistance package, including legal assistance as well as advice on financing and subsidies,
  • that it gives access to valuable knowledge and information, all in one place – the Law and Legislation Bulletin, templates of letters, specialist articles, examples of legal advice, interviews with experts,
  • to allow for company and offer presentations,
  • to inform about promotional campaigns and special offers – a weekly newsletter,
  • to design a new offer search layout,
  • to include new possibilities – adding a company’s employees,
  • to connect it with social media.

Feel invited to get to know our new website, to find out all its possibilities and the benefits of creating a community of entrepreneurs on the profile on Facebook.

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The year 2020 has been the most difficult period for Polish companies in many years. Within a few months there have been three giant blows to businesses: a tight lockdown in March-May, reduced demand in “social sectors” in June-August, finally a second wave of the epidemic that started in September, which resulted in the ongoing re-closure of a significant part of the economy…

The Union of Entrepreneurs and Employers demands the economy to be unlocked

The Union of Entrepreneurs and Employers is critical of the introduction of the next stage of shutting down the economy. The Union calls for actions aimed at the unlocking of all closed sectors, the implementation of educational activities aimed at citizens and entrepreneurs, as well as the enforcement of the sanitary regime in the DDM standard and epidemic guidelines for all industries…

Pursuit of technology sovereignty or new protectionism? Discussion on the new direction of European policy-making with particular emphasis on the Digital Services Act

On Tuesday, 15th December 2020, the European Commission’s legislative proposal on the Digital Services Act (hereinafter referred to as “DSA”) was published. Public consultations conducted by the European Commission concerning the shape of future regulations, in which the Union of Entrepreneurs and Employers took part, ended on 9th September. Moreover, the European Enterprise Alliance and SME Connect also presented their opinions in this respect…


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