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The Union of Entrepreneurs and Employers appeals to Polish entrepreneurs regarding the Sunday elections to the European Parliament

Warsaw, 21st May 2019


The Union of Entrepreneurs and Employers appeals to Polish entrepreneurs
regarding the Sunday elections to the European Parliament


This coming Sunday, May 26th, citizens of the European Union will elect their representatives to the European Parliament. This institution has a significant impact on legislation at the European level, including legislative solutions key from the entrepreneurs’ point of view.

Several past years have taught us that defending the interests of Polish companies and consumers on the common European market requires arduous work of our representatives in Brussels.

Therefore, we appeal as the Union of Entrepreneurs and Employers to Polish entrepreneurs to take an active part in the Sunday elections to the European Parliament and to pay attention to whether the persons for whom they cast their vote are competent to defend the interest of Polish economy on the international arena.

We urge you to vote for those candidates who in their postulates and previous activities have spoken positively about the following key issues affecting companies in our homeland, and as a consequence Poland’s economic interest, without undermining the idea of our country’s membership in the European Community – the Europe of Nations.

  1. Implementation of the Services Directive – containing the original assumptions of the European Union’s market freedom;
  2. Lifting restrictions on internal movement within the European Union for Polish logistics companies and Polish drivers;
  3. The adoption of strict regulations for consumer protection against unfair practices of selling different quality products under the same brand in different EU countries;
  4. Adoption of solutions regarding the harmful effects of the zero VAT rate in trade between European Union countries;
  5. Analysis of the effects of the introduction of the GDPR and its revoking in the event of negligible benefits for consumers, at high market costs in the form of loss of competitiveness to Chinese and American enterprises;
  6. Signing a duty free agreement with Great Britain in the event of Brexit and abandoning the harmful “punitive” policy detrimental to all member states, including Poland;
  7. Re-analysis and amendment of rules and regulations concerning consent for state aid, so that they do not favour certain countries at the expense of others;
  8. Adjusting the rigors of the EU climate policy to the original Paris Agreement, without additional limits above those adopted by major players (China, India or the USA);
  9. Objection to the Nord Stream 2 project and analysis of the proposals for loss compensation for countries that may suffer as a result of the German energy isolation policy;
  10. Ensuring equal status of EU countries in terms of the amount and rules of granting agricultural subsidies;
  11. Legislation concerning excise goods in consultation with industry representatives, with maintaining competition on the market and protecting public health in mind;
  12. Minimising the burdens resulting from the lack of coordination of social systems on the European labour market and limiting the introduction of new administrative and financial barriers for mobile workforce.


Union of Entrepreneurs and Employers

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The Union of Entrepreneurs and Employers evaluates positively – THE ACTIONS OF THE LAW AND JUSTICE GOVERNMENT IN TERMS OF ECONOMY IN THE PREVIOUS TERM

The last four years were a time of unprecedented development for the Polish economy – largely due to the fantastic economic situation in Europe, but one cannot deny the government certain successes of their own. We positively evaluate the actions undertaken by the Law and Justice government in terms of the economy – these are the basic conclusions from the report of the Union of Entrepreneurs and Employers published today.

Entrepreneurs’ evaluation: raising the minimum wage has the greatest impact on business operations

The Union of Entrepreneurs and Employers together with Maison & Partners asked Polish entrepreneurs what their evaluation of the government’s individual actions is and how these actions affect their businesses. Entrepreneurs declare that it is the increase in the minimum wage what will among other things impact their businesses the most. At the same time, the government’s actions in this area are among the worst rated. Most importantly, the study was conducted before the ruling party, Law and Justice, made its plans regarding the increase public.

Position of the Union of Entrepreneurs and Employers on the announcement of the introduction of proportionality in Social Insurance Institution contributions for entrepreneurs

Out of all the postulates that were announced at the party convention of Law and Justice (Prawo i Sprawiedliwość) last Saturday, the announcement to make the amount of social security contributions for entrepreneurs depend on their income raised the biggest concern. This would entail a surge in burdens for an enormous number of entrepreneurs in Poland, including relatively well-paid freelancers and other representatives of the still weak middle class.


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