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The Union of Entrepreneurs and Employers presented the 2023 Economic Awards!

Warsaw, September 27, 2023


The Union of Entrepreneurs and Employers presented the 2023 Economic Awards!


The 2023 Economic Awards of the Union of Entrepreneurs and Employers were awarded at a gala evening on Wednesday, 27th September this year. During the ceremony, the Union honoured businesspeople and companies that achieved considerable successes in the field of entrepreneurship or actively supported Polish entrepreneurs. Awards were presented to the best journalist, economist, an organisation for a project, as well as to selected companies.

Among the invited guests, there were representatives of the media, the business world, central government and local authorities. Friends and members of the Union of Entrepreneurs and Employers also attended the gala.

During this event, the Union presented special awards to outstanding public figures. The winners included:

  • Public Sector Manager of the year 2023: Beata Daszyńska-Muzyczka. She received the award for effectively managing an institution that supports and finances a significant number of major development projects in Poland. She heads the bank that played an important role in Poland’s battle with the crisis related to the COVID-19 pandemic – Bank Gospodarstwa Krajowego.
  • Journalist of the year 2023: Krzysztof Jedlak. Prize PLN 25,000. For years, “Dziennik Gazeta Prawna” has remained a key opinion-forming specialist media title for people interested in law, economics and current political events. The laureate runs a newspaper providing data and knowledge to decision-makers, opinion leaders, and business representatives.
  • Organisation for a Project of the year 2023: Fundacja Forum Konsumentów (Consumer Forum Foundation) – for the project “Żyj oryginalnie” (“Live originally”). Prize PLN 25,000. Protection of intellectual property rights is one of the key elements of a market economy. The laureate’s project disseminates knowledge about risks arising from purchasing counterfeit products and provides information how to distinguish fakes from original items.
  • Economist of the year 2023: Professor Marcin Piątkowski. Prize PLN 25,000. This year’s laureate in the category was recognised for his constant and substantive advocacy of Polish economic success stories worldwide.


During the gala, awards in the following categories were also presented to leading representatives of the Polish business community:

  • Dynamic Development of the year 2023: Symfonia Sp. z o. o. Digitising a company is one of the best ways to boost efficiency. Symfonia has been offering modern ERP systems for years, consistently maintaining a double-digit annual revenue growth rate.
  • Innovative Company of the year 2023: Uber Polska. The emergence of innovative applications enabling passengers to order a ride revolutionised the market and introduced real competition. Being a pioneer, the company remains the market leader and continues to develop its portfolio of services.
  • Employer of the year 2023: EWL. The laureate in this category is the EU’s largest global mobility platform specialising in hiring employees from abroad, present on the market for over 16 years. Over the years, the company has supported more than 1,600 employers in Europe connecting them with over 150,000 employees. It actively participates in labour market research in cooperation with the University of Warsaw – thus far, the partnership bore fruit in the form of 16 reports on European labour markets and employee mobility.
  • SME of the year 2023: Zakłady Mięsne Karol. The meat-processing company is a family-owned business striving for perfection and looking for novel solutions. Their unique approach to employees and ability to innovate sets an example for other companies to follow, inspiring them to create products and services of the highest quality.
  • Socially Responsible Company of the year 2023: Totalizator Sportowy Foundation. The Foundation runs a number of programmes that address crucial social challenges, such as “Polska dziś i jutro” (“Poland Today and Tomorrow”) aimed at supporting Polish national culture, or “Odpowiedzialni społecznie” (“Socially Responsible”) focused on providing humanitarian support. The Foundation is also one of the partners of the Union of Entrepreneurs and Employers in the “Business for Ukraine Center” programme supporting Ukrainian companies planning to develop their operations within the EU as well as Polish companies looking for business partners from Ukraine.
  • Startup Company of the year 2023: Infermedica. This startup introduces AI-powered solutions in healthcare to improve efficiency and address certain systemic problems.
  • Exporter of the year 2023: Kompania Piwowarska S.A. Even though the domestic beer market has been going through a difficult period for the past several years, Polish beer is still a valued export product, and Polish brands enjoy recognition and popularity in many European countries. The company is one of the largest beer producers in Poland and a leader in beer exports.

Furthermore, we awarded two Special Prizes this year. The first one was awarded to Ogólnopolski Związek Pracodawców Transportu Drogowego (OZPTD – National Association of Road Transport Employers) on the occasion of their jubilee: 25th anniversary of the association’s establishment. Polish road transport has the largest share in the European Union market and has a high share in Poland’s trade in the area of services. It is responsible for PLN 10 billion out of the PLN 30 billion surplus in the services balance.

The second Special Prize was awarded to Servier Polska Sp. z o. o., which has been present for over 30 years on the Poland market. Nearly 100% of drug packaging intended for the Polish market is produced at their Production Plant in Warsaw which is of paramount importance in today’s geopolitical situation.


The ZPP Economic Awards 2023 were organised by the Union of Entrepreneurs and Employers (ZPP). The Union is the fastest growing and one of the most active employers’ organisations in Poland. ZPP was founded in 2010 and brings together 17 regional and 19 industry organisations. Apart from publishing official positions on all key issues present in the Polish public debate, the Union conducts a number of special activities as part of the Digital, Work, Energy and Climate, Agricultural and Health Forums. ZPP organizes approximately 40 original events a year.

ZPP is an apolitical organisation that supports the free market, fair competition, legal stability and transparency, beyond political divisions.

It is a representative organisation of employers and a member of the Social Dialogue Council in Poland. Moreover, ZPP is present in Brussels through its Representative Office, participates in the European Enterprise Alliance, and is a member of SME Connect. The Union also has two representatives on the European Economic and Social Committee. In July 2022, ZPP opened an office in Kyiv actively supporting the development of economic cooperation between Poland and Ukraine.


Main partners of the event: Agencja Rozwoju Przemysłu SA, Edenred, Google Polska, ORLEN SA, PKO Bank Polski

Supporting partners of the event: Browary Polskie, Polska Federacja Producentów Żywności Związek Pracodawców, Stowarzyszenie Dystrybutorów i Producentów Części Motoryzacyjnych, Związek Cyfrowa Polska

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