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Union of Entrepreneurs and Employers took part in the consultations of the European Commission regarding the Digital Services Act

Warsaw, 8th September 2020


Union of Entrepreneurs and Employers took part in the consultations of the European Commission regarding the Digital Services Act


The Union of Entrepreneurs and Employers took part in public consultations initiated by the European Commission regarding the Digital Services Act package that is being developed.

The new regulation on digital services commonly known as the Digital Services Act is a planned legislative initiative of the European Commission. Its main goal is to adapt European regulations to the evolving realities of the digital economy, including the revision of the e-commerce directive.

Until 8th September this year, the European Commission conducted public consultations to gather the views of businesses, organisations, and consumers from across Europe. The presented data will help create new high-quality regulations that will enable, among other thing, the effective regulation of platforms in the EU. The in-depth survey covered the following areas: user safety (including illegal products, content, and services), platform transparency, harmful content, intermediaries’ liability, the role of platforms serving as the so-called gatekeepers; but also general issues relating to the management of digital services in the single market.


See: The Union of Entrepreneurs and Employer’s contribution to the European Commission Consultation on the Digital Services Act


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