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We’re opening the Freedom Lounge

Warsaw, 11st October 2018

We’re opening the Freedom Lounge


In the former headquarters of the Communist Party, the building in the very center of Warsaw that housed the Central Committee of the Polish United Workers’ Party, the Warsaw Enterprise Institute opened the Freedom Lounge. It was created with conservative and free-market youth in mind – a place where youth organizations will be able to organize their events free of charge, use the in-house television studio, develop of their professional careers, as well as for socializing and entertainment purposes. WEI will help them successfully achieve their goals.

The Freedom Lounge consists of three levels. The underground floor is where the conference room for 60 people is located, on the ground floor, there is a bar and canteen, whereas on the mezzanine, there will be a television studio.

We would like to invite all ambitious young people to cooperate with us. If you are interested in this project, please contact Tomasz Kołodziejczuk –, +48 661 616 522.

We would like to thank our partners – Orange, PKP Energetyka, the PGNiG Foundation, Philip Morris – and other companies and institutions that supported us in this undertaking.

Since the Liberty Lounge is located in the building that once used to be home to the Central Committee of the communist Polish United Workers’ Party – we may also speak of personal satisfaction, as we ourselves contributed into fighting against this place’s previous tenants.



Cezary Kaźmierczak, Union of Entrepreneurs and Employers
Tomasz Wróblewski, Warsaw Enterprise Institute

Najnowsze artykuły

Tender for a documentary series about the beginnings of Polish capitalism

The documentary series will consist of six episodes telling the story of a whole decade of Polish entrepreneurship after the fall of communism. By portraying individual profiles of the participants of those events, we want to show the Polish people’s path to prosperity. We are creating these series with young and foreign viewers in mind who only know the history of the beginnings of Polish capitalism from family stories or media coverage.

WEI and Americans for Tax Reform discuss the digital tax at a round table in the ‘Freedom Lounge’

On 6th November 2019, a round table dedicated to the subject of the digital tax and the possible consequences of this concept entering into force in Poland took place in the ‘Freedom Lounge’. The event was organised by Warsaw Enterprise Institute, a think tank of the Union of Entrepreneurs and Employers, and Americans for Tax Reform, a Washington-based organisation fighting for taxpayers’ rights for over 30 years.

The Union of Entrepreneurs and Employers warns: abolishing the 30-fold limit is a terrible solution, there are other ways to find budget revenues

During today’s press conference, the Union of Entrepreneurs and Employers assessed the idea of abolishing the 30-fold limit on Social Insurance Institution contributions unequivocally negatively. The Union’s experts also gave examples of alternative actions ensuring the fulfilment of the assumption of finding an additional PLN 5 billion in budget revenues.


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