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The “Busometr” index of business mood for the 2nd half of 2020 amounted to 42.4 points (a drop from 44.5 points in the previous half-year) which means that entrepreneurs’ moods during the COVID-19 epidemic are worsening. Investments suffered hardest, while the labour market still enjoys a surprisingly good mood…

Marcin Nowacki and Tomasz Wróblewski have been nominated to be members of the European Economic and Social Committee

The European Economic and Social Committee (“EESC”) is an advisory body established by the Treaties. It consists of three groups representing respectively Employers, Workers and Diversity and provides expertise to the European Parliament, the Council and the Commission. Its’ 326 members are employers, trade unionists and representatives of social, occupational, economic and cultural organizations, who are appointed for a renewable 5-year term by the Council on a proposal by the Member States.

Good company statuets awarded to the most innovative and fastest growing companies in Lesser Poland

The Union of Entrepreneurs and Employers chose the best companies in Małopolska – a region in the south of Poland know in English as Lesser Poland. Among the winning companies, there were enterprises from the engineering, technology, chemical, IT, advertising and marketing sectors…

It’s worth running a business. According to the ZPP Portrait of an Entrepreneur survey, as many as 80% of business owners and entrepreneurs, in spite of difficulties, are satisfied with their career

The Union of Entrepreneurs and Employers, known in Poland as ZPP, conducted the largest in Poland, comprehensive study of the Polish sector of small and medium-sized enterprises that covered a representative sample of companies employing from 1 to 250 employees. The survey’s objective was to find out about the motivations, attitudes, and moods of Polish entrepreneurs…
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