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Nuclear energy is considered to be a promising branch of the entire global energy sector. Changing technological solutions constitute in this regard an important issue. Some of the Western European economies have recently departed from PWR (pressurised water reactor) devices, some of them have focused on researching other types of reactors (such as ITER – International Thermonuclear Experimental Reactor) designed for nuclear energy of new quality. It can be expected that these efforts of many countries will bear fruit within 10-15 years…

Appeal of the Union of Entrepreneurs and Employers regarding the pay rises of persons holding public office

The Union of Entrepreneurs and Employers believes that increasing the salaries of persons performing public functions serves the public interest. The imbalance between the remuneration received and the scale of responsibility is particularly visible in the case of deputy ministers. With this in mind, we appeal to the members of the Sejm of the Republic of Poland (Parliament’s lower house) not to succumb to populist pressure and to reject the veto of the Senate (Parliament’s upper house) regarding the draft act increasing the salaries of people holding public office, and then to immediately amend that act, correcting some of the errors within.

New taxes proposed by the European Union threaten Poland’s development

The topic of the funds negotiated by Poland has dominated the discussion revolving the conclusions of the last summit of the European Council. Meanwhile, little attention has been paid to the introduction of European taxes. In a new report, the Union of Entrepreneurs and Employers presents a number of threats resulting from the proposed European levies. Plastic, digital and carbon taxes as well as the extension of the ETS do not comply with the requirements of the European Parliament…

The Union of Entrepreneurs and Employers consistently criticises the idea and the implementation procedures of the sugar tax

The Union of Entrepreneurs and Employers consistently opposes the introduction of the sugar tax in Poland. At the same time, the Union expresses its objection to how the amendment to the non-enforced act on the promotion of healthy consumer choices is being handled.
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