Agenda for Poland

Union of Entrepreneurs and Employers in cooperation with Warsaw Enterprise Institute runs the Agenda for Poland Program. The aim of the program is to prepare: strategies of development of Poland, systemic solution and specific-areas-based on repairs of law.


On the eve of the 99th anniversary of the National Independence Day, the environment of the Union of Entrepreneurs and Employers together with Warsaw Enterprise Institute presented the first version of the Project of the Constitution of the Republic of Poland.

The project has been prepared under the management of professor Robert Gwiazdowski. The final version of the document will be presented at the 100th anniversary of the Independence Day.

Project of the Constitution of the Republic of Poland


Shortly, we are going to publish:

  • Demography
  • Service State



In preparation:

  • Constitution of the Republic of Poland. Team under the supervision of professor Robert Gwiazdowski 
  • Pension System
  • Health Care
  • Education
  • Judiciary System
  • Social Healt and Care


We demonstrate publicly presented projects of solutions prepared in our environment:


If you are interested in cooperation within the program, please contact:

Jakub Bińkowski
Secretary of the Department of Law and Legislation
phone: 22 826 08 31


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