‘Eleven EU countries call for more ‘flexibility’ on CAP’s fallow land rules‘ by Hugo Struna | | translated by Daniel Eck. Eleven EU member states, including France, are calling for greater “flexibility” in the previously derogated requirement to leave land fallow under the Common Agricultural Policy (CAP) in a proposal that has left the European Commission perplexed.

‘AI Act: MEPs close ranks in asking for tighter rules for powerful AI models‘ by Luca Bertuzzi | The MEPs involved in the negotiations on the EU’s AI rulebook circulated a working paper detailing their proposed approach to regulating the most powerful Artificial Intelligence models on Friday (24 November).

‘EU Parliament backs extensive net-zero industry ‘wishlist’, including nuclear‘ by Paul Messad | Euractiv France | translated by Daniel Eck. The European Parliament voted on Tuesday (21 November) to include 17 technologies – including nuclear energy – in the EU’s Net-Zero Industry Act, paving the way for talks with EU member states to finalise the law in December, and […]

‘€800 million to jolt the market: Europe’s hydrogen boosters activate‘ by Nikolaus J. Kurmayer | The EU’s Hydrogen Bank has begun operations and is offering €800 million to hydrogen producers to kickstart demand for the fuel crucial to industrial decarbonisation.

‘Nuclear, windfall profits in focus as EU electricity reform talks near finishing line‘ – by Paul Messad | Euractiv France | translated by Nils Bouckaert. Financing for nuclear and the redistribution of potential windfall profits made by electricity operators is coming under close scrutiny as EU legislators prepare for talks on Thursday (16 November) to reform the bloc’s electricity market.

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