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    ‘Majority of EU Parliament backs call for Ukraine aid in message to Orbán‘ – by Max Griera | EURACTIV. The centre-right European People’s Party, liberal Renew, Socialists and Democrats, Greens, and national-conservative ECR all urged EU leaders to agree on further financial aid for Ukraine’s defence efforts during the extraordinary European Council summit starting on Thursday (1 […]

    ‘€400bn needed for offshore grids by 2050, network operators say‘ – by Frédéric Simon | EURACTIV. Europe’s first-ever Offshore Network Development Plan, published on Tuesday (23 January), highlights the huge investment needed to connect offshore wind farms to final consumers, with an estimated 54,000 kilometres of transmission assets expected to be built in European waters by 2050 […]

    ‘Franco-British partnership to develop fourth-generation nuclear technology‘ by Paul Messad | Euractiv France | translated by Daniel Eck.   The two start-ups announced they were joining forces to “support the industrial, technological, scientific and regulatory deployment” of fourth-generation nuclear reactors, known as advanced modular reactors (AMRs), they said in a statement.

    ‘Brussels backs Ukraine’s duty-free access to EU until June 2025‘ – by Bartosz Brzeziński from Politico.  The European Commission proposed that all Ukrainian imports into the European Union remain free of duties until at least June 2025, although some agricultural products will be capped in a bid to quell rising unrest among farmers.

    ‘EU Commission declares victory on its 1M shells for Ukraine pledge‘ – by Joshua Posaner from Politico.  The EU vowed to get artillery rounds ready for supply to Kyiv by March 2024. Thierry Breton said Brussels’ target has been reached — even though all ammo hasn’t yet been delivered.

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