Improvement of Business Conditions

The ZPP both brings and supports initiatives for the deregulation of Polish business, within the bounds of EU requirements, thereby restoring the competitive balance between Polish and European firms.

The ZPP was created to protest that 99.8% of Polish companies, providing work to 3/4 of all working Poles and generating 67% of Polish GDP, have to operate within an unfavourable legal environment.

Experience proves that we can influence the decisions of politicians only by means of the combined pressure of organised groups and public opinion. Politicians will not act otherwise!

We have achieved significant successes in this area.


  • monitor the passage of legislation affecting business owners,
  • carry out projects and campaigns supporting specific business friendly solutions for Polish companies,
  • lobby for positive solutions and actions freeing Polish businesses from bureaucracy and tangled laws. We can reach decision makers directly, and we operate in the media and online,
  • support actions towards building a positive image of business owners,
  • carry out educational projects and actions for leaders of public opinion, society and youth.

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