Internet Publishers Forum

The Union of Entrepreneurs and Employers supports competitiveness and pluralism in the media market, and also regards freedom of speech as one of the paramount principles in a democratic state of law. In order to address the current challenges facing the digital media market and to refer to further proposals, potentially harmful from the point of view of Polish publishers, we established as part of the Union: the Internet Publishers Forum, which is a coalition of stakeholders in this industry.


Tasks of the Forum :

  • cooperation in the scope of program and legislative works carried out in Poland and at the level of European Union institutions,
  • preparation and adoption of common legislative positions,
  • promoting reasonable regulatory solutions related to the media market and digital distribution of information,
  • joint execution of research and analytical projects as well as publication of reports,
  • cooperation in the field of communications regarding the online media sector and the challenges it faces.


The basic resources that allow the Forum to successfully achieve its goals are the knowledge and experience of people directly interested in the state of the online media market in Poland. As part of the Forum, we cooperate with key institutions in this area, including the Ministry of Entrepreneurship and Technology and the Ministry of Digital Affairs, as well as Polish MPs.


Documents to download: