Public Health Forum

The Union of Entrepreneurs and Employers is an organization associating, among others, companies from the medical sector. This industry is of a very particular nature – its development affects not only the condition of the Polish economy, but also the quality of healthcare provided to patients. In order to face the current challenges in this area, an especially up-to-date issue taking into account the current demographic situation, we have established, as part of the Union of Entrepreneurs and Employers, the Public Health Forum, a coalition of stakeholders in the medical industry.


The goals of the Forum:

  • cooperation in terms of agenda creation and legislative work executed in Poland and at the level of European Union institutions,
  • preparation and adoption of common positions on legislation,
  • promoting reasonable standards of national public health policy that takes full advantage of the potential of private and public entities and strengthens competition,
  • joint research and analytical projects as well as publication of reports,
  • cooperation in the field of communications regarding the medical sector and the challenges it is facing.


The chief resources that enabling the successful achievement of the Forum’s goals are the following: knowledge and experience of people personally interested in the state of health care and of the medical sector in Poland. The Forum cooperates closely with key institutions in this area, including but not limited to the Ministry of Health, Ministry of Investment and Development, Ministry of Entrepreneurship and Technology, along with members of the Polish Parliament.