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Report Conference – Summary of the Rebuild Together Programme

Warsaw, 13 December 2022


Report Conference – Summary of the Rebuild Together Programme


On 13 December, a conference summarising the project of the ZPP (the Union of Entrepreneurs and Employers), “Europe – Poland – Ukraine. Rebuild Together” took place. This was another initiative of the ZPP, following the social campaign “We help Ukraine”, the purpose of which was to create and strengthen the relationship between European, Polish and Ukrainian business communities and to prepare a framework for cooperation in the future reconstruction of the Ukrainian state and economy.

As Marcin Nowacki, the Vice President of the Union of Entrepreneurs and Employers, pointed out: “The essence of the project is to support Ukrainian business in the process of entering the Polish market and cooperating with Polish companies. Based on this, we want to establish an agreement, so that the Polish business will play a major role in the reconstruction of Ukraine in the future”.

The first stage of the project was the organisation of a series of meetings – five meetings in a form of round table talks – the goal of which was to establish a dialogue, discuss expectations and priorities related to the reconstruction of Ukraine and to identify industries and companies ready to cooperate to strengthen the Ukrainian economy. As part of that initiative, face-to-face meetings were held with Polish and Ukrainian representatives of industries crucial to the maintenance and reconstruction of the Ukrainian economy. Additionally, two main events were organised within the scope of the Rebuild Together programme – in Warsaw, on 6 October, and in Kyiv, on 28 November.

The reconstruction of Ukraine will be a multinational action of the EU, G7 countries. Nonetheless, the  funds for the reconstruction of Ukraine from individual countries will be allocated based on the preferences of business – noticed the Vice President of the ZPP.

The Vice President of the ZPP was supported by other participants of the conference. As Bartosz Marczuk stated, “The reconstruction of Ukraine is an opportunity for cooperation and building our position in the long term perspective – the fact that we are talking about that now is of great importance, as the process of rebuilding Ukraine has already begun.

There should be as many micro-level relationships as possible. It is necessary to network and use the capital of Polish business”-  emphasised the Vice President of the Management Board of the Polish Development Fund.

Energy security will undoubtedly play a key role in the reconstruction of Ukraine and its economic activity. Mateusz Domian spoke in that context.

The lack of electricity affects all industries, the whole business” –  said the acting Director of the Representative Office of PKN ORLEN in Ukraine, “The lack of electricity can be compensated with the use of other raw materials, especially diesel oil; however, the situation in Ukraine is also difficult in that respect. It is extremely important for Ukraine to maintain, after the war, its independence from Russia and Belarus in terms of raw materials and continue its cooperation with Poland and the European Union in that respect.

With regard to the opportunities and possibilities for the development of Polish business in the present situation, the last speaker at the conference agreed with the previous speech makers saying: “Geographically, Poland is in a privileged position when it comes to the possibility of expanding economic activity in the process of rebuilding Ukraine and cooperation with Ukrainian business. Polish logistics is definitely attractive for Ukrainian companies”.

All conference participants emphasised the need for further action in terms of implementation of the objective of the programme ,,Europe – Poland – Ukraine. Rebuild Together”. The Vice President of the ZPP stated that the activities to establish and strengthen the relations between the European, Polish and Ukrainian business communities have only just started and added that the ZPP wanted to continue to take an active part in them.

The summary of all the activities under the “Rebuild Together” project, which has been implemented for more than six months, is the report which contains the conclusions and a description of individual actions undertaken as the result of the meetings of the representatives of economic sectors in the form of round table talks and conferences.


See: 13.12.2022 Report: Summary of the project “Poland-Europe-Ukraine. Rebuild Together”

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