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Union presents the post-Covid-19 crisis Economic Recovery Plan

Warsaw, 5th May 2020

Union presents the post-Covid-19 crisis Economic Recovery Plan

The Union of Entrepreneurs and Employers commences a series of publications called “The post-Covid-19 crisis Economic Recovery Plan”. In the coming weeks, the Union will present a programme of thorough reforms of economic law, tax system, pension system, judiciary, labour market, ensuring universal Internet access and a plan to tackle demographic problems.

In the 1st pillar published today, the Union’s experts presented quick-win point solutions, the implementation of which will quickly improve the legal environment for companies in Poland. The 16 point recommendations by the Union include recommendations on ensuring stability and predictability of the law, an appeal to put on hold the plans for raising the minimum wage, a withdrawal from changes in non-interest consumer credit costs, the widespread implementation of cash accounting, limiting the use of sectoral taxes, repealing the law on trade restrictions on Sundays, increasing the tax exempt amount, shortening the time for issuing administrative decisions, enabling distance sales of prescription drugs or providing access to public databases, and further development of state administration digitalisation.

The quick-win solutions presented in the 1st pillar, unlike the subsequent chapters planned, are of a technical nature. They do not require any thorough system reforms. The implementation of the presented solutions is also non-critical in terms of public debate. Their implementation is a quick win for all stakeholders,” says Piotr Palutkiewicz, Secretary of the Union’s Department of Law and Legislation.

Cezary Kaźmierczak, the President of the Union, comments: “The current crisis will probably find its place in history textbooks. The most important thing is that these times are referred to as a breakthrough period, after which our country advanced to higher places in rankings that assess the standard of living, economic development, personal freedom or internal and external security. Every effort should be undertaken to ensure that 2020 is not recorded as the point at which the 30-year-long period of Poland’s reconstruction came to a halt. Therefore, this time should be used to carry out thorough reforms in numerous areas”.

In its report, the Union states that in the face of the ongoing economic crisis related to the COVID-19 epidemic, it is also necessary to “unfreeze” as soon as possible all the sectors of the economy whose operations were restricted by the government’s administrative decisions.

There is no doubt that having lifted most current restrictions, the economy, society, and politics will start functioning in theirs new reality. We will be witnessing economic changes, the birth of new models of functioning in society and culture, as well as novel use of technology. We will perceive health or ecological issues in a different light,” the Union’s experts write in the report. “The global coronavirus crisis is and will be a time of reviewing the current models and patterns of functioning of each area of life that we have known so far”.

That is why the government must start implementing bold reforms that will adapt the law to the new economic and social realities. In the weeks to come, we will be presenting our solutions .” – sums up Cezary Kaźmierczak.

05.05.2020 The post-Covid-19 crisis Economic Recovery Plan: 1st Pillar – Point Solutions – quick win


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