Benefits of ZPP membership

The ZPP protects its members from unjustified actions by authorities and helps them to grow their business. We both bring and support initiatives for the deregulation of Polish business, within the bounds of EU requirements.

We offer a variety of benefits to our members:


Protection includes:

  • intervention in the case of unjustified actions by state, government or local authorities;
  • participation as a party in court and administrative cases;
  • assistance, counselling and coordination of a member’s defence – led by the ZPP Bureau of Intervention – in local, domestic or European institutions.


The package includes:

  • opportunity to take part in networking events, workshops, debates and lectures (within ZPP structures);
  • special offers, discounts and deductions as part of the;
  • opportunity to take part in the as a bidder on preferential terms;
  • opportunity to post offers on the website; offers are also distributed via a bi-weekly newsletter;
  • access to expert-led marketing on preferential terms; participation in workshops; opportunity to post expert articles on the WEI (ZPP foundation) website;
  • ZPP information – early notice of changes in the law, reports, analyses and our newsletter.


The package includes:

  • ZPP alerts – rapid notification about important changes in the law and threats affecting business owners; alerts are provided by the ZPP Bureau of Intervention;
  • bi-weekly ZPP Newsletter;
  • early stage access to legislative proposals by government; access to Regulatory Impact Assessments prepared by the ZPP Legal Bureau;
  • reports, studies, guides (including Business Owners’ Rights Catalogue);
  • regular information about EU grants and funds;
  • free consultations and information about ZPP institutions.

The following is also available on

  • base of legal letters and pleading samples – 100+ most used samples;
  • online legal advices and base of common legal advices. 

Join us!

The membership fee depends upon your number of employees:

Micro-companies: up to 9 employees 750 zł annually
Small companies: 10-49 employees 1500 zł annually
Medium companies: 50-250 employees 3000 zł annually