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Representatives of the largest Polish unions of entrepreneurs and associations representing companies from the modern technology, digital and internet sectors jointly appealed to Polish MEPs that they reject the draft EU Copyright Directive in its current form, which will cause damages, among others, to Polish companies, scientists, and Internet users.

Agenda Poland: School for life. Who will pay for our pensions?

Let us allow the market to save our children’s education and place Polish schools at the global forefront. The Warsaw Enterprise Institute and the Union of Entrepreneurs and Employers present the report “School for life. Who will pay for our pensions?” The study under the direction of Professor Krzysztof Konarzewski includes recommendations for changes in all key areas of education: the curriculum, school system, management, and financing.

62% of companies from the SME sector finance development from their own resources

According to the report by the Union of Entrepreneurs and Employers under the title “Financing of Business in Poland”, the major way how enterprises invest in themselves is using their own funds. These include both savings from the profits made in previous years as well as the currently allocated funds. According to the available data, as many as 62% of companies from the SME sector finance their development from their own resources.

Position of The Union of Entrepreneurs and Employers on the proposed amendment to the provisions on leasing of passenger cars

On 13th June 2018, the Polish Ministry of Finance published a communiqué in which it outlined a number of tax changes planned for the coming months. The vast majority of these changes are a source of optimism –inter alia, the unification of the VAT rate matrix (the employers’ associations have been asking for such an amendment for a long time – it is necessary to end the absurd multiplication of rates for analogical products), the creation of a new Tax Ordinance Act, or the reduction of the number of reporting and information obligations that entrepreneurs are subject to.
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